Interview Lorine Driot

Interview Lorine Driot


Tell me a bit about yourself? Your background and origins?

My name is Lorine, I’m French and after living in France, Saint Barth and London, I’ve been living in Geneva with my family for 11 years

How are you enjoying life in Geneva? What are your favorite addresses?

I love life in Geneva… Everything is simple and enjoyable, it’s the charm of small sized cities… I like to enjoy the surrounding countryside and the lake when the weather is nice! I like going Chez Max with my friends, at Enfaim for a quick lunch, at Ginger Donuts for sugar cravings and I really want to try the Café de la Plage!

What made you decide you wanted to start your own brand? Where did that idea came from?

Before I launched my Nupié sandal brand, I questioned myself a lot, I was afraid I wouldn’t make it, and then one day I took the plunge into entrepreneurship. This idea of sandals with interchangeable ribbons, had been in my head for a long time… I discovered the sandals worn by a Mexican tribe that I wanted to adapt to the European style. I found an artisanal sandal-making workshop in Italy but then it took some time before finding craftsmen with whom I could work with! I’m always looking for new things and that’s my favorite part of my job!

Where do you find your inspiration from?

The craftsmanship is what inspires me! I love working with tribes like the Karen in Thailand or the Konso weavers in Ethiopia or even Mexican embroiderers!

What advice would you give to a woman who would like to start her own brand?

Do not hesitate, just throw yourself into it! You have nothing to lose with entrepreneurship! For myself, launching my brand was a life changing experience: I have gained so much confidence and I feel in the right place.

What is your favorite piece from your collection and why?

I am very attached to my first model of sandals with interchangeable ribbons. I love handmade ribbons embroidered or woven by artisans on the other side of the world!

You started doing dresses as well, can you talk more about it?

I started making dresses with interchangeable belts made by the artisans with whom I collaborate for my sandals. I want to create an easy-to-wear summer wardrobe, which takes up little space in the suitcases because both sandals and dresses, my clients can wear them at the beach as well as in the evening!

What seduces you about jewelry?

I love souvenir jewelry that reminds me of important moments in my life. I love their transmissible and eternal side.

From Nomad Jewels’ various collections, which piece do you like the most? Which piece would you chose as your talisman ?

I just love the Rainbow Bracelets that are just perfection to me! I’m also in love with the ring Rainbow Lotus.

When you travel how do you pick which jewellery pieces to bring with you and which ones do you never leave without?

You’ll never see me without my rings neither my earrings that I never take off… just like my watch!

White, yellow or rose gold?

All of them! It all depends on the tan!

The perfect combination of one of your dresses, pair of sandal and Nomad Jewels piece?

My Teressa sandals which are in very flashy colours and the rainbow bracelets: the perfect combination!

What is your favorite holiday destination?

Ibiza, Greece and the French west coast.

Any secret spots in Ibiza? (Shops, restaurants, beaches…)

I love Aubergine, Café Giri and Cala Gracioneta, my go-to places! I also love to have a coffee at the Croissant Show on the marketplace and have drinks before dinner at Experimental. I can’t wait to try El Silencio soon and the rooftop of the Montesol recently taken over…

15. The best time to go to Ibiza?

Off season, no doubt!

Your next destination on your bucket list?

Costa Rica, US west coast, and I dream of returning to Mexico and Brazil!

Your goals for 2021?

To finally launch my collection of shirts that I’ve been talking about for several years!

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