A Nomadic existence

Let’s get personal…

How did Nomad Jewels was born ?
It came from an urge to create, to make pieces that I would like to wear everyday whether be with jeans and a t-shirt or in the evening with a dress, that fit with the modern women’s lifestyle.
Easy, relaxed, yet colorful, talismans that protect us and accompany us on our journey and make us feel extra special. Fine jewelry that infuses us with positive vibes, emboldens us, and complements each ones unique style. I am all about women empowering women!

A designer Inspired by travels

In a few words, how would you describe your style ?
Colorful, relaxed, effortlessly stylish… not necessarily into following trends, but more into timeless yet modern pieces.

never-ending journey
in search of inspiration

What is the hardest part of being a mother of two and starting/running your own business ?
The biggest challenge is balancing work and family and not letting it get too much in the way… But that’s not easy as I run a small and growing business. Today it’s part of who I am and it’s a 24/7 job. I am constantly jotting down new ideas, or adding items to my to do list, and sending e-mails out in the middle of night… However I am lucky to have my family support me and give me their precious input when needed…
It’s tough to keep the two separate specially when my office is next door to my home, but it obviously also has its advantages. It’s important for me to show my children that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself and work hard at it. It’s worth the journey and everyday is a challenge and I learn something new.

an all-encompassing explosion of styles and artistic influences

Where do you see yourself and Nomad Jewels in 10 years ?

To keep creating, dreaming, learning, expanding, growing, surviving and adapting to the every
changing fast pace retail market… Wouldn’t mind one day collaborating with another designer whether it be handbags, shoes, fashion, or even with a Swiss watch brand…

What is the first piece you draw for Nomad Jewels ? What was the first collection ?

Enchantments of the Orient, very much inspired by antiquity, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, the Mediterranean coast… One of my first pieces was the Athina ring, a bold statement ring, inspired by the goddess Athena,
known to be a warrior, strong, and intelligent.

If you had to choose only one jewel from the brand, what would it be ?

That’s a hard one as I love each one of them like my babies! Hahaha!
But if I absolutely had to choose, I would say the Rainbow bracelet from the Desert Collection.

What is your motto ? A quote that inspires you in your daily life ?

Carpe Diem – latin for seize the moment

What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to start their own brand ?

Think it through but not too much otherwise you will never get the courage to go for it.
Don’t wait for the right moment, as it’s never the right time, but if you believe in yourself, in your idea, just do it! It’s better to live with remorse than regret! I believe in being proactive, hard working and having a positive attitude which attracts positivity, it breeds success and you need to follow your intuition to seize the right opportunities.

Lovely Hand crafted
from around the world

The Nomad Jewels Cuff is crafted in an exclusive series of plated yellow, and rose gold with a 100% silk bandeau that ties together. A piece of jewelry that accompanies the traveller wherever and whenever, that adds the feminine and chic touch to her wardrobe. Depending on her inspiration or choice of outfit, she can select from a wide range of colors. Discover a timeless collection defining Modern Luxury.

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