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A belief in the beauty of flaws, asymmetry and irregularities the qualities that make each of our pieces unique and that each one of us special. We believe in Slow Fashion, in sustaining our artisans, preserving our planet, and focusing on quality-based rather than time-based, for the future of fine jewelry. We invite our clients to invest in well-made and lasting pieces.

Enchantements of the Orient

The allure and exoticism of the Orient, its landscapes, literature, civilizations, and art in our collective imagination has infused the design of our unique pieces. Let yourself be enchanted…

The Desert

With a rich history of civilisations old and new, the Desert Collection carries us to the windswept contours that nomadic peoples still navigate today.

Mughal Reverie

The collection is inspired by Indian mythology and symbolism, as well as by the Mughal Gardens, such as the gardens of the Taj Mahal. Its geometrical forms, colors and flora.

Moon & Stars

The Moon and Stars collection illuminates our inner capabilities and workings. Be dazzled by the sparkling Moon and Stars and allow them to guide you on a journey like a compass, like an angel in the sky…

Necklace Chasing Clouds
In 18K yellow gold with white sapphires baguettes.
$ 4 100
Bracelet Lasso Rainbow
In 18K yellow gold set with multicolored sapphires baguettes.
$ 2 500
Bracelet Infinite Sky
In 18K white gold set with topaz baguettes. Stack it up.
Out of stockPrice upon request
Bracelet Desert Red for him
In 18K black rhodium gold plated set with ruby baguettes.
Out of stockPrice upon request


It is this mesh of colors,
people and locations that inspire the design of our pieces.