Interview question with Tatiane de Freitas

Interview question with Tatiane de Freitas


Tell me a bit about yourself? Your background and origins?

I am Brazilian & Lyonnaise, I recently arrived in France, in Lyon in 2004, already married and here I had my 2 daughters and learned a lot of things about life, about people and about my desires. I am an Aries, entrepreneur and “go-getter” of course. My desire to share something of my native country linked to the french “je ne sais quoi” came in a fairly intuitive and natural way, after having resumed my studies at the Central Saint Martin in London (specialization in swimwear) and at the Marangoni Institute (fashion business) in Paris, Tatiane de Freitas (my maiden name) was born.

How are you enjoying life in Lyon? What are your favorite addresses?

I Love Lyon! This city has something special, a crazy charm! Without saying that we are not far from the mountains or the sea. It is possible to make a day trip to Paris or to cross the border to Geneva, Turin …. Not bad isn’t it? In Lyon we are traditional, we like to eat oysters at Les Halles de Paul Bocuse, stroll in old Lyon or Croix-Rousse. Now is not the time due to covid, but plenty of delicious little restaurants are hiding in this city, such as La Bijouterie, Les Apothicaires of the Brazilian Tabata. On the shopping side, we have cool boutiques like Lulli Sur La Toile where the team is solar and full of good advice.

What made you decide you wanted to start your own brand? Where did that idea came from?

I answered this in the first question already, but it was mainly the desire to create something legitimate in connection with my culture and all that I had discovered in France.

Where do you find your inspiration from?

I think from the women around me. I am curious and I like people, I like to listen to them, I like to understand their actions, their thoughts and their follies. Swimwear is not an innocuous product. I often say that wearing a bikini is “you get undressed and go”. There is a lot of acceptance and liberation, benevolence and indulgence must also prevail.

What advice would you give to a woman who would like to start her own brand?

Not just for a brand but for a business you need a “purpose” and you have to be faithful to that. I decided to manufacture in short circuit, to buy certified materials, to consume all our purchases, all this is not always simple but it gives a lot of meaning to my efforts. We are not the perfect brand but we are moving forward to become more transparent with important steps at our level.

What is your favorite piece from your collection and why?

This year, the collection is so bold, with 80’s tunes, soft colors, new materials. I finished this collection during the first lockdown in March 2020… A collection that had a clear direction but no name… Then the name Escape popped into my mind like an evidence, as it was something we were all craving.

What would you say to women who are insecure about their bodies, and how to feel sexy and confident in a bikini?

This question is almost a battle for me. Everyday, I discover beautiful women, not comfortable with their bodies for various reasons, but in my opinion no reason is strong enough to prevent a woman from being happy in a swimsuit. Summer is too short for us to bother with things that sometimes we are the only ones to notice. Indulgence and benevolence are essential values. And all the rules of morphology are not reliable, we must rely on our desires, our moods and the memories that will be built during the summer.

What seduces you about jewelry?

I am fascinated by the stage of creation in jewellery. To give a stone all the capacity it carries in its raw form. Exploiting is potential. I also love the light and energy that a jewel can bring to a woman.

What is your jewelry pet peeve, or you would never be caught dead in?

I’m really not into black stones.

From Nomad Jewels’ various collections, which piece do you like the most? Which piece would you chose as your talisman?

The ring Orange Peackock, it’s like a sunshine on your finger.

When you travel how do you pick which jewelry pieces to bring with you and which ones do you never leave without?

I love wearing all my jewels on me at all time, like real talismans.

White, yellow or rose gold?

Rose gold.

The perfect combination of jewelry and bikini?

A bikini and an accumulation of necklaces; the perfect combination for holidays.

What is your favorite holiday destination?

I love going back home to Brazil, to escape from reality and get closer to my values.

Your next destination on your bucket list?

I would dream of doing a Safari in Africa.

Your goals for 2021?

To have courage and to be healthy to provoke my happiness !

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