Earring Sea Gold Drops

Dive into elegance with the Sea Gold Drops Earring, a testament to the vastness of the ocean. Crafted delicately from 18K yellow gold (approx. 0.5 gr), these earrings feature a mini hoop adorned with two hanging pear-shaped white diamonds. Inspired by the immensity of the sea and the mesmerizing clarity of water drops, the Sea Gold Drops Earring brings the beauty of the ocean to your ensemble. This single earring showcases a unique design with its two hanging pear-shaped white diamonds that mimic the splashes of clear water drops when waves crash on the beach. Perfect for any occasion, the Sea Gold Drops Earring adds a touch of sophistication to both casual and formal ensembles. Its versatile design allows you to express your style effortlessly, making them an essential piece for everyday wear.

Complement your look by wearing the Sea Gold Drops Earring with the Sea Drops Necklace from the Enchantments of the Orient Collection and the Namib Bracelet from the Desert Collection.

All of our fine jewelry is hand made and unique in its selection of stones and combination of gold and color. All prices exclude VAT & shipping.

In 18K yellow gold mini hoop set with two pear shaped white diamonds

Earring Sea Gold Drops


CHF 2 580

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CHF 2 580

All of our fine jewelry is custom made upon order. We would like to respect Mother Nature and have decided to produce only upon demand. Please note orders can take up to approximately 4 weeks.

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Earring Sea Gold Drops

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