Fine Jewelry:

Each Nomad Jewel is hand-made by artisans and therefore no two pieces are exactly alike. To care for your jewelry, we recommend you clean it with a mild dish soap or vinegar based cleansing solution. Please handle with care, and avoid using abrasive products or materials to clean your jewelry. To clean it, you may use a soft brush or cloth to avoid scratching the surface. Please do not over polish the jewelry and allow it to age naturally. With the time the gold will have a patina which will make it even more unique and personal.

The Nomad Cuff:

The cuff bracelet is made out of brass and plated in 18K yellow or rose gold or Silver and Rhodium. Please avoid wearing it while bathing and excercising. Also, we recommend applying perfumes, lotions and sprays before putting on your bracelet. Each piece is unique and hand-made by artisans and therefore no two pieces are alike. When not in use, please handle with care and store carefully in its pouch.


Please note we are not responsible for the impromper care, maintenance or use of your jewelry. It is to be handled with tender love and care.