Nomad Jewels
X Decièlis

A collaboration between Nomad Jewels & Decièlis, bringing together a fusion of craftsmanship, tradition processes and quality materials. Nomad Jewels has created an exclusive range of brushed & smooth yellow, white and rose plated 18 K gold, tied with interchangeable silk bandeaus featuring Decièlis kaleidoscopic range of signature hand-illustrated prints made in Italy.

Earrings Mojave Sunrise
In 18K rose gold set with shades of pink sapphire baguettes.
2 926 
Bracelet Mirage Shade in white gold
In 18K white gold set with shades of blue sapphire baguettes. Stack it up.
5 643 
Necklace Evil Eye
In 18K rose gold hammered disc with evil eye.
2 926 
Necklace rainbow in yellow gold
In 18K yellow gold multicolored sapphires baguettes.
2 403 
Earring Boteh
In 18K yellow gold 3 baguettes and 3 pear shaped sapphires orange, green and blue with dangling chains.
1 734 
Earring Cedar
In 18K yellow gold pave mini hoop and dangling pear shaped green sapphire.
1 023 

If you change the way you tell your own story, you can change the color and create a life in technicolor.

- Isabel Allende

The founders of both brands, Daniela D’Agostino (Nomad Jewels) and Zoë Kara Hili (Decièlis), grew up as globe trotters and wanted to create together a timeless yet colorful collection epitomizing the modern day woman traveller. Both of Italian origin, they want to put forward not only the Italian craftsmanship but also the careless yet elegant Italian style. Add a touch of Italian swagger to one’s personal style! It’s all in the details and our Nomad Cuff can make all the difference to achieve the fabulous look reminiscent of la Dolce Vita!

Earrings Hoola Hoops in rose gold (SM)
In 18K rose gold with 6 dangling multicolored sapphires (small model).
2 299 
Necklace Majestic Rainbow
In 18K rose gold rainbow sapphires baguettes.
10 538 
Necklace rainbow in rose gold
In 18K rose gold multicolored sapphires baguettes.
2 403 
Earrings Rainbow in rose gold (BM)
In 18K rose gold multicolored sapphires baguettes.
2 926 
Earrings Oryx in rose gold (BM)
In 18K rose gold white diamonds baguettes.
3 657 
Earrings Namib
In 18K white gold and white diamonds baguettes.
7 834 

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